Monday, September 3, 2018

How to Import Bank Statement Using CSV template

In NetSuite 2018.1, you can now import a bank statement through CSV.
You may perform the following steps:
1. Navigate to Transactions > Bank > Import Online Banking Data
2. On the Online Banking Data Upload page, click the ".CSV template" link
Note: You should use this NetSuite­provided template.
3. Open the said template.
4. Observe that there are six (6) columns, to wit:
*Transaction ID
*Transaction Type
5. Take note of the following considerations:
*Date ­ It should be formatted as MM/DD/YYYY
*Name ­ It should have a limit of 70 characters.
*Transaction ID ­ It should have a limit of 90 characters.
*Transaction Type ­ It should be any of the following: CREDIT, DEBIT, CHECK, PAYMENT, ACH, INTEREST, DEPOSIT, TRANSFER, FEE, OTHER
*Amount ­ It should be the sum of debits and credits.
Further, take note of this:
Credit = Positive amounts; Debits = Negative amounts and should be represented

by these symbols, i.e. ­ or ()
Memo ­ It should have a limit of 4000 characters

Additional considerations:
­ Make sure that there are no currency symbols or commas.
­ Please remove the following:
a) Empty columns (containing no data) between other filled columns
b) Empty rows (containing no data) between other filled columns
c) Columns containing opening and closing balances
d) Any columns not specified by the template
e) Multiple accounts
f) Bank account number
­ In case you are working with CSV file in the MS Excel and you followed all steps above but import file is failing, please set the following:
a) Start > Control Panels > Change date, time, or number formats b) Set Format: English (United States)
c) Short date: MM/dd/yyyy
d) Click on Apply and OK

Finally, please take into account that the CSV file can only contain transactions that belong to a SINGLE account.


  1. Bank file does not sync with template. How can I import without using the NSuite provided template?

    1. Hi, did you find the way to import in CSV without using the template that NetSuite gives you? or do you know how to use interpret the template it provides?

      I am new to this and I have many doubts.

  2. Is it possible to do a csv import of a check log to apply payments?