Saturday, September 15, 2018

The Merge Fields Source CSV File for Letter Merge is Not in Alphabetical Order

Letter templates can contain CRMSDK tags that refer to specific information in NetSuite. The first step in creating a letter template is to download the sample data source file. This data file contains all of the possible tags that can include in a letter template. However, when using the source field (merge field), it's not sorted alphabetically.

To arrange the Data Source in alphatical order, perform the following steps:

1. Navigate to Documents > Templates > Letter Templates > New.

2. In the Template tab, click the Download link.

3. Save the Source file ( NetSuiteSampleHeaderFilexxx.CSV) to the desktop.

4. Open the file in Excel.

5. Highlight the first to row.

6. Right-click then select Copy.

7. Right-click to cell A4, select Paste Special.

8. In the Paste Special popup, check the Transpose checkbox.

9. Navigate to Data, then select Sort, choose A-Z or Z-A.

10. Right-click the highlighted columns, select Copy.

11. Right-click to cell A1, select Paste Special.

12. In the Paste Special popup, check the Transpose checkbox.

13. Delete the data from cell A4/B4 - A312/B312 .

14. Click File > Save.

Follow steps in Help Guide Topic: Using Letter Templates to start the letter template.

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