Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Unable to Charge Credit Card Transaction Due to an API Call Permission

Users may encounter error "Unfortunately theCredit Card Transaction Charge Failed > Authentication/AuthorizationFailed:You do not have permissions to make this API call" whenprocessing a Cash Sale via Credit Card. To remove the error, users have toperform the following: 

1.    Loginto Merchant Account in Paypal.

2.    Edit Profile.

3.    On ProfileSummary Page, click on API Access link.

4.    Click Addor Edit API Permissions link.

5.    Remove existingAPI permission.

6.    Logout then Log back in to Merchant Account to re-grant the API permissionby navigating to Edit Profile > API Access.

7.    Click GrantAPI Permission.

8.    Enter APIUsername which users see on their NetSuite account. To view APIUsername in Netsuite, navigate to Setup > Accounting > PaypalProcessing.

9.    Clickall checkboxes for the following then Submit and Give Permission:

·        Direct Payment

·        Express Checkout

·        Reporting and Backoffice APIs

·        Authorization and Settlement APIs

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