Sunday, October 14, 2018

Case Message with an Attachment Icon Has No File Attachment to Show


  • User views a case that appears to have an attached file within one of its messages, as indicated by the paper clip icon
  • When user opens the message and clicks the Attachments tab, no file is available


The file attachment was manually deleted from the File Cabinet folder.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Navigate to Lists > Support > Cases > New.
2. Assign valid email address to receive the case notification and be able to reply to that message.
3. Wait for the email notification in Outlook.
4. Reply to email and include attachments > Send.
5. Navigate to Lists > Support > Cases > View the newly created case in Step#1.
6. Under Messages tab, click View on the last message received.  Notice that the icon shows Attachment = Yes.
7. Under Attachments tab, shows file.
8. Copy the Folder where the attachment is located.
9. Navigate to Documents > Files > File Cabinet, paste the Folder to the Search field.
10. Click on the Folder Name.
11. Click Edit on the File > click More Actions > Delete.
12. Navigate to Lists > Support > Cases > View the case created in Step#1.
13. Under Messages tab, click View on the last message received.  Noticed that the icon still shows Attachment = Yes.
14. Under Attachments tab, shows No records to Show.

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