Friday, October 26, 2018

Unable to select a Bank-Type GL account if the assigned Transaction Currency is different from the currency of the GL account when creating journals under Transactions> Financial> Make Journal Entries

Business Use Case:

Bank Account assigned currency is GBP and user selected USD as Transaction Currency. The GBP Bank account is not available for selection in the Lines > Account column

  1. GL accounts whose assigned currency (i.e. GBP) is different from the subsidiary/company base currency (i.e. USD) will only show during creation of journals if their assigned currency (i.e. GBP) is selected as the Transaction Currency
  2. This is due to the system being able only to convert the currency with the Exchange Rate applicable to the base currency of the subsidiary/company.
  3. Check if the value in the Currency field is the same under Setup > Company > Company Information for single instance accounts and Setup > Company > Subsidiaries for OneWorld accounts. Otherwise, the GL account can only be selected if Transaction Currency is equal to its assigned currency. 


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