Thursday, October 25, 2018

Workflow to Hide the Invoice Button on an Estimate so that Sales Representatives can be Restricted to Create Invoices


Question: User needs to restrict Sales Representatives from creating Invoices from Estimates.


1. Create a simple Workflow. Navigate to Customization > Workflow Workflows > New.

Workflow Setup as follows:

Workflow Basic Information:

Record Type: Transactions

Sub Types: Estimate


Event Based - On Update

Trigger Type: Before Record Load


User Role = Sales Manager,Sales Person

State 1

Workflow Action: Remove Button

Trigger On: Before Record Load

Parameters: Invoice


1. For the condition initially set on the sample workflow, the user must specify all the roles that should not be allowed to create invoices from estimates. This would be the case if sales rep can be identified per user role.

2. If the sales rep is not identifiable per user role, this condition can be set: User : Is Sales Rep = T. This condition would check the current user accessing the estimate record if the sales rep flag is checked. If it is checked, then the Workflow would remove the Invoice button.

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