Thursday, November 15, 2018

Close Purchase Orders with Partially Received Status in Bulk


Create a saved search of partially received purchase orders that users would like to close through the following steps:
1. Navigate to Transactions>Management>Saved Searches>New
2. Click on Transactions link
3. On the Criteria tab>Standard subtab:
--- Type is Purchase Order
--- Status is Purchase Order:Partially Received

4. Click on Results tab>Columns subtab
--- Add the following fields:
---- Internal ID
---- Number
---- Line ID
---- Item
---- Closed
---- Item fields... select Internal ID
---- Status

5. Enter the name of the Search > click Save and Run button
6. On the Search Result>click Export - CSV button
7. Check and Update the CSV on which lines should be closed and remove the row with Line ID = 0

CSV file should include:

Internal ID of the transaction
Transaction Reference Number
Line ID
Internal ID of the Item

8. Import the File
- Go to Setup>Import/Export>Import CSV Records
- Import Type - Transactions
- Record Type - Purchase Order
- Character Encoding - Western (Windows 1252)
- Select the csv file
- Click Next button
- On Data Handling - select Update button
- Click Next button
- On Field Mapping page:

---- Internal ID ---------------- Internal ID
----Closed -------------------- Items:Closed
---- Line ID -------------------- Items:Line Id
---- Item Internal ID --------- Items:Item

Note: For Item Internal ID - click on the pencil icon then set Choose Reference Type to Internal ID> Click Done

9. Click on Next button
10. Enter the Import Map Name>Click on Save & Run button

Actual Result: 1 of 1 records imported successfully

Note: The line id that is defined to be closed on csv file has been updated successfully.


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