Thursday, November 15, 2018

Recipents do not Receive a Campaign

When the Campaign Subscription Categories feature is enabled, customers and others can choose which types of campaign communications they want to receive. 

Note: To enable the Campaign Subscription Categories navigate as Administrator to Setup > Company > Enable Features > CRM > check Subscription Categories checkbox and Save

With this feature enabled, the Subscription field on Campaign Events is mandatory. Email is only sent to the recipient group members with the subscription set on the event.

When a user doesn't receive campaign emails, but other communications are received from within NetSuite, check to make sure they are subscribed:

I. Check the Subscription used on the Campaign:
a. Navigate to Lists > Marketing > Marketing Campaigns.
b. View the Campaign record, and on the Events tab > E-mail subtab, check to see which subscription was used.

II. View the recipient record and check to see if the Subscribed column shows Yes for the subscription category in question:
a. For Employees, navigate to Lists > Employees > Employees > view the record, and click the Marketing tab > Subscriptions subtab.
b. For Customers, navigate to Lists > Relationships > Customers > view the record, and click the Marketing tab > Subscriptions subtab.
c. For Contacts, 
navigate to Lists > Relationships > Customers > view the record, and click the Marketing tab > Subscriptions subtab.

Note: If the user is not subscribed, having them do so (if they wish to receive the emails) will resolve the problem.


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