Thursday, November 15, 2018

Remove Credit Card as Payment Option and Display only PayPal as Payment Method


User has a Multi-Site and has PayPal/Express Checkout enabled. For one of their web site, they do not accept Credit Card payments and wanted to use PayPal as the only Payment method.

1. Create a new Credit card processing profile.

- Navigate to
Setup > Accounting > Credit Card Processing
- Click the Add button to add a new profile
- Fill out all the required fields, the same way as how your other Credit card profile is setup
- Under Payment Information, make sure none is selected for
Supported Payment Methods
- Click Save.

2. Assign the Credit card profile to the Web Site.

- Navigate to Setup > Site Builder > Set Up Web Site, edit the site
- On the Setup tab, then set this profile in the Credit Card Processing Profile field
- Click Save.

Note: In the Shopping Cart page, the customer should see the PayPal Express checkout option if they have that enabled. Also, they should only see PayPal as a Payment method on the Payment Information page.

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