Saturday, December 8, 2018

Add Company Name on Employee Record Attached as a Contact on a Customer Record

In Setup > Company > General Preferences > Show Employees as Contacts is enabled. User attached an Employee record to a Customer record (type is Company). User noticed that when viewing the list of Contacts under the Customer record (Relationships tab > Contacts subtab) the Company field is blank on the Employee record.

Since there's no Company field on the Employee record, user cannot set the name of the Customer manually. To add the Company Name on the Employee record, perform a CSV Import for Contact to update the record.

To do this, perform the following:

1. Create a CSV file with the headers below:

  Internal ID, Company Internal ID
   For example, the Internal ID of the record is 1 and the Company Internal ID is 10 the CSV file would have:
      Internal ID, Company Internal ID
2. In NetSuite, navigate to Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV Records.
3. Select Relationships for Import Type.
4. Select Contacts Only for Record Type.
5. Click Select and locate the CSV File.
6. Click Next.
7. Select Update for Data Handling.
8. Click Next.
9. Use the Field Mapping below:
      Internal ID <<>> Internal ID
      Company Internal ID <<>> Company
10. Click the pencil icon for the Company Internal ID field then set Reference Type to Internal ID.
11. Click Next.
12. Provide Import Map Name.
13. Click Save & Run.

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