Monday, December 31, 2018

Adding New Value column values for items included in CSV file for Adjust Inventory Worksheet Import.

The user may create a saved item search for the items that will be adjusted with Average Cost column included. On the exported CSV file, add a New Quantity column and enter values as per physical count and formulate another column to multiply the new quantity with the average cost for each item to come up with the new value.

1. Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New.
2. Select Item from the new saved search list.
3. On the Saved Item Search page, go to Criteria tab and set the following filters or modify it as necessary to get all the items that will be adjusted :
Type is Inventory Item
Costing Method is Average
4. Under Results tab and include the following column :
Average Cost
*If MLI = True, then add Location Average Cost column instead.
5. Enter desired saved search name.
6. Click Save & Run
7. When the results are generated, cilck Export to CSV.
8. On the exported CSV file, add another column for the New Quantity and enter values per item.
9. On the same file, add another column to multiply New Quantity by the Average Cost.
10. Save the file and add more fields as necessary to use in importing Adjust Inventory  Worksheet.

This is related to Enhancement#213699 : Transactions > Inventory > Adjust inventory Worksheet > Import : Ability for the system to auto-calculate New Value once data is imported instead of requiring it in the import.


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