Saturday, December 29, 2018

Administrator Unable to View Last Sales Activity on Customer Record

When logged in as an Administrator, would the user be able to view the Last Sales Activity from a customer record?

A. When the Last Sales Activity bundle is installed in your system, you have the option to track the following record under Setup > Company > General Preferences on the the Custom Preferences tab:

   - Task
   - Phone Calls
   - Events
   - Notes
   - Messages
   - Campaigns

On the Customer Record itself, a new field is added called "Last Sales Activity". This field will contain a Date and the type of Activity Record that was last logged by the Sales Rep.


Last Sales Activity - 10/16/2011 Phone Call

This is an active link (when on View mode) and when you click on it, it opens the Activity that was logged for the Customer (in this example, a Phone Call). If by any chance you have installed the bundle and the field is not available on the Customer record, you may customize the form to check/ensure that this field is to be shown on your Customer Form.

Optionally, if you are logged in as an Administrator and you run a Saved Search that shows the Last Sales Activity field, you should be able to see the field values.

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