Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Apply Checkbox is Not Available on the Mass Update Preview Results Page

When defining criteria or filters for a mass update (Lists > Mass Update > Mass Updates), user may preview the results before running the actual Mass Update to ensure only intended records are included in the process. In the Mass Update Preview page, the Apply checkbox is automatically checked for all records that fall within the set criteria and user may manually exclude specific records from the update when needed by deselecting this checkbox.


The Apply checkbox, however, will only be available when the result from the Mass Update criteria is equal to or less than 1,000 records.

When the result of the Mass Update criteria is more than 1,000 records, user will not be able to see the Apply checkbox for each record. To exclude specific records from Mass Update, user needs to add one or more criteria to:

a. automatically exclude the records from the result, or
b. lower down the result to 999 records and below where the intended records for exclusion can manually be un-applied from mass update.Apply checkbox is missing in Mass Update Preview

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