Monday, December 31, 2018

Case Submitted from Sandbox or Release Preview is Assigned to the Wrong Contact

When a user navigates to SuiteAnswers, NetSuite cross-references the Entity ID and Account Number. When the user submits a Case for the first time, a new Contact record is created for him which automatically gets assigned to the Case. For succeeding Cases from the same user, SuiteAnswers finds the matching Contact record and assigns it to the Cases automatically.

SuiteAnswers is accessible from any NetSuite environment; however, it cannot distinguish the specific environment (Sandbox, Release Preview) where the user is currently logged in. It only looks at the customer's Production environment when performing cross-references. Most of the time, the data in Sandbox environment do not mirror that in Production and users may have different Entity IDs in every NetSuite environment.

This explains why some cases submitted from Sandbox or Release Preview end up being assigned to the incorrect Contact within the Company. Proper Case assignment is only guaranteed for Cases submitted from the Production account.

To illustrate:
  • User X has entity ID 12345 in Production
  • User Y has this entity ID in Sandbox
  • User Y submits a case through SuiteAnswers accessed from the Sandbox environment
  • A case is created; however, it is assigned to User X instead of User Y

To prevent this behavior, users are encouraged to always use their Production environment when submitting NetSuite Support Cases.

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