Thursday, December 20, 2018

Change the From/Reply-To Email for the Notification Email Received when a New Lead is Created

Currently, there is no setting that allows a user to set the Email Address of the Customer for the notification to make it appear as they are the sender so that it will take their Email Address when they reply to the message.

As an alternate solution, create a Saved Search for this purpose:

1. Create a new Customer Saved Search
2. On the Email tab, check the option for "Send Email Alerts when records are created/updated"
3. On the Email tab > Recipients subtab, select the employees who are supposed to receive the Email Notification
4. On the Email tab > Customize Message subtab, set the following:

FROM: "New Customer" <{EMAIL}>
SUBJECT: New Customer Notification
* You can change the Subject of the Email as needed as well as "New Customer" which represents the name of the sender

5. Save this Search

Users also have the option to customize the content of the Email itself using the fields that they want to see.

Results show FROM email address that on the Email Notification shows the Email Address of the Customer.

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