Saturday, December 8, 2018

Check Sent by Metavante was not Received by a Vendor

It normally takes five business days from the time of bill payment approval for payees to receive their payments

If it is already beyond five business days and the check is not yet received, customers should confirm with their vendor if  the address used is the updated address of the payee. 

If the address is correct, customers should contact the issuing bank to confirm if the check has already been cashed.

Once it has been confirmed as not yet withdrawn, customers should contact NetSuite Customer Support and provide the following details: 

1. Date the check was processed through online bill pay.
2. Check Number
3. Name of the vendor(payee).
4. Full address of the payee.
4. Amount
5. Indicate that the issuing bank confirmed that the check was not yet presented/cashed.




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