Saturday, December 29, 2018

Create a Question on the Online Survey Form that has more than 50 Characters

The limit for the Label of a field when creating a custom record is 50 characters only. When creating a custom survey form, users willl need to create the questions via a custom field on a custom record. If the question is too long, users may follow the alternate solution below:

1. Create a Custom Record, Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Record Types > New.
2. Add a Name and click Save.
3. Add a field,  the questions can be entered there. If the question is over 50 characters, users will not be able to enter the whole label. Just enter "Question 1" Or maybe just a description.
4. After saving the field, navigate to the Online Forms tab and Create a New Online HTML Form. (Users will need an HTML Template).
5. Create an HTML Template via Notepad.

Like the example above, enter the fieldID of the custom field (question) inside the HTML template, the example above shows NLCUSTRECORD1 as the fieldID of the question from the custom record.

6. Type in the whole question inside the Label as shown on the example above and save the HTML Codes above as an HTML file.
7. Create a new HTML Template and update the HTML File.
8. Click Save.

After saving the results should show you that the question is now showing as what was written down on the label from the HTML File.

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