Saturday, December 1, 2018

CSV Import > Item > Update > Invalid customform reference key XXX

'XXX' refers to the Internal ID of the Custom Form used in the Import.  This error will appear if you selected an Inactive Form on Import Options page > Advanced Options section > Custom Form.  You can either activate the Form or select a different Form on your next Import.


1. Expose Internal ID

-Navigate to Home > Set Preferences

-Navigate to General tab

-Put a check mark on Show Internal IDs

-Click Save


2. Activate the Form

-Navigate to Setup > Customization > Entry Forms or to Setup > Customization > Transaction Forms.

-Put a check mark on Show Inactives

-Locate the Custom Entry Form by referring to the Internal ID of the Form.

-Remove the check mark on Inactive box

-Click Submit





3. Select an active Form on the Import Page


-Navigate to Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV records
-Select Import type

3. Select Record Type

4. Click the Select button and select the CSV file
5. Click Next
6. Select a Data Handling

7. Click Advanced Options

8. Select a different Form on Custom Form

9. Click Next

10. Map the fields

11. Type the Import Map Name

12. Click Save & Run



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