Sunday, December 2, 2018

Custom role: Permission to view the Avatax log


Custom role cannot view the Soap Request of Avalara on the invoice

1. Log in as Custom Role
2. Navigate to Transaction> Sales> Create Invoices> Lists> View one of the invoices> On Avatax tab>  Logs Subtab> click on the More link

Result: You do not have access to this functionality. Contact the system administrator

1. Navigate to Set up> Customization> Scripts> View AVA_TransactionLog_Suitelet
2. Under Deployments tab> click on AvaTax_TransactionLog
3. Edit the script> Under Parameters> enter the internal id of the custom role.
4. Click Save

Note:  Avalara confirmed that it is safe to edit the script.

Netsuite does not have the access to their script and therefore we cannot do the modification on the script itself.

Instead, the parameter was made available so that user can do changes without changing the code on the script.

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