Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Decrypt an encrypted field like Social Security Numbers (SSN) in Saved Searches

One way to hide thedetails of a field or to show only a portion of the data of a field in SavedSearches is by entering a Formula (Text) field in the Results tab and use aSUBSTR function on the Formula field. This works for unencrypted fields.


For encrypted fieldslike Social Security Numbers (SSN), the field has to be decrypted first.  Using the function SUBSTR for the Field ID ofSocial Security Number {socialsecuritynumber} results to an error.


An alternativesolution to decrypting SSN in searches is to customize a role with MaskedSocial Security Number permission. To do this, kindly follow the steps below:


1. Navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > ManageRoles

2. As an example,customize Payroll Manager Role by clicking Customize link beside the PayrollManager role

3. Permissions Tab > Lists > Employee Social Security Numbers

4. Set Full under the Level Column

5. Save and use thecustom role to create a Saved Search


For newly createdroles, make sure to have the following permissions under Permissions tab >Lists sub-tab in order to perform an employee saved search:


- Employee SocialSecurity Numbers = Full

- Employees = Full

- Perform Search =Full




Troubleshooting andthe scope of assistance provided by Support are limited only up to existingformulas. For concerns involving the creation of a new formula, please contactyour Account Manager for possible engagement with our Professional ServicesDepartment.

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