Sunday, December 16, 2018

Editing a Return Authorization throws "This item is not valid for return. The quantity specified, along with other existing return authorizations, will exceed the total quantity of this Contract Item under this Contract

Users are not able to edit the Return Authorization or a downsell transaction when it is already reflected as an offsetting item on the contract record. To be able to change the Revenue Recognition Template in the Return Authorization page, follow the steps below:

1. Open the related contract by clicking the contract link on the sales order.

2. On the contract, hit Edit before the offsetting downsell contract item.

3. Delete the downsell contract item by selecting Delete on More Actions dropdown.

4. Go back to the Return Authorization record to change the Revenue Recognition Schedule and hit Save. Changes will be saved without any error.

5. Go back to the Return Authorization, change the Check Log Status field from Processed to Pending found under the Options & Log subtab.

6. Execute R03-SS (Setup > Customization > Script Deployments > Edit R03-SS: Create Contract Items hrly > Save and Execute) to reflect the return authorization as an offsetting item with a negative quantity in the contract.

7. Open the related contract to confirm that the offsetting item is already displayed.

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