Sunday, December 16, 2018

Employee Last Login except employees who only have access to Employee Center role


1. Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New > Search Type = Employee

2. Criteria tab > Standard subtab:
    Login Access = is true
    Inactive = is false
    Role: Center Type = is not Employee Center

3. Criteria tab > Summary subtab:
    Summary Type = Maximum
    Field = Login Audit Trail: Date
    Description = is on or before 60 days ago

    *To set the description, set the Date to "on or before", set the other dropdown to "relative", and then set it to 60 days ago.

4. Results tab (Field > Summary Type):
    Login Audit Trail: Date > Maximum
    Name > Group
    Role > Group

5. Rename the search and then Save and Run


* This search already removes all lines for roles for the Employee Center. The Login Audit Trail: Date will also show the last login date for all roles, and not for each role. So, for example, Employee 1 has three roles: Role 1, Role 2, and Role 3 with last login dates of 8/16/2012, 8/17/2012, and 8/20/2012, respectively, the search results would list the three roles, but the Login Audit Trail: Date would only show 8/20/2012 because that is the last login date.

* Also, even if the Employee Center is removed here, if the employee has three roles, once of which is the Employee Center role and his last login was on 8/20/2012, that date will be considered the last login trail. So if 8/20/2012 is still within 60 days for example, then this employee will not show up in the list, although he has not logged in for over 60 days for those other roles.



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