Sunday, December 30, 2018

Fixed Assets: Delete the Write-down History records (from revaluation) in bulk

Currently, theability to perform Mass Delete to Custom records associated with Fixed Assetrecords such as Write-down History (from revaluation) is not yet available.This is being tracked under Enhancement # 215320. Instead of deleting theWrite-down History records (from revaluation) one by one, below steps may beconsidered.


1.    Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New.


2.    Click on FAM – DepreciationHistory link.


3.    Click on Criteria tab > Standard subtab > Add the followingfilters:

-TransactionType = is Write-down

-Asset= is xx

-AssetType = is xx

-Date= is within xx and xx

*Thesefilters may be used depending on the goal (If Write-down History records forspecific Asset(s), Asset Type(s) or certain period needs to be deleted).


      4.  Click on Results tab > Columns subtab > Add the following fieldsfor reference purposes:




5.    Edit the Search Title as desired.


6.    Click Save & Run.


7.    On the Depreciation History Search:Results Preview page, turn on the Inline Editing function.


8.    Click on the first field row belowany column header which shows the small pencil icon (Example: Date) > Press Shift key > Click on the last fieldrow that needs to be deleted > Press Delete key.


*Therewill be a prompt: All selected records will be deleted. Are you sure you wantto continue.


9.   Click OK.


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