Friday, December 7, 2018

How to unapply or unlink a Customer Deposit from a Sales Order and apply it to another Sales Order

The Create Deposit feature is only available when the Sales Order form is an Invoice. Once the form is changed to Cash Sale, any Customer Deposit created from or is linked to the Sales Order would be removed. To remove the link between the Customer Deposit and Sales Order, please see the steps below:

1. Edit the Sales Order that has the Customer Deposit.
2. In the"Custom Form" field, change the form to Standard Sales Order - Cash Sale.
3. Verify that the total amount of the Sales Order is still the same, and set any mandatory fields that are displayed. Save the order with the new form.
4. A warning message will pop up "Changing the form to a cash sale form will remove the link between the deposit and the sales order. The deposit will then be able to be applied to any open invoice. Do you want to continue?"
5. Click OK to save the Sales Order with the new cash sale form. Under the Related Records tab, verify that the Customer Deposit is no longer listed.
6. Edit the Customer Deposit. Note that the Sales Order field is now a dropdown list with all available sales orders.
7. Select the new sales order from the list and Save the Customer Deposit.

Notes: An enhancement request was filed to have the ability to unapply the Customer Deposit at any time in case it has been applied to the wrong order. (Enhancement #216449)

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  1. Thank you. This helped me very much today to transfer a Deposit that was linked to a Cancelled Order.