Friday, December 21, 2018

Item to Which COGS is Calculating For

At times users might find items whose onhand counts or values might be in question.  Now the Cost Accounting Status of individual items is available to show on the item record. This allows users to know the status of cost accounting calculations for each item.  The Cost Accounting Status field can also be used as a search filter or in search results.

To show the field, navigate to Setup > Customization > Entry forms, and customize the Item Entry form.  On the Fields tab > Purchasing/Inventory subtab, add the field 'Cost Accounting Status'. 

If Multi-Location inventory is enabled, when you view an item record the field will be located on the Inventory / Location subtab, and search filters/criteria will show the field as 'Location Cost Accounting Status'.

Note: This field does not show on records if you have enabled either the Serialized Inventory or Lot Tracking feature.

The cost accounting status shown on the item record will be one of the following:

  • In Queue – flagged for Cost Accounting but calculations are not running yet
  • In Process – flagged for Cost Accounting and calculations are currently running
  • Completed – not flagged for Cost Accounting, and calculations are not running
  • Error – Cost Accounting calculations failed

The field will be blank if cost accounting calculations have never been run for the item/location.

When a new transaction is entered that affects Cost Accounting for an item, the cost accounting status for the item is set to In Queue as long as the current cost accounting status is either Completed or Blank. If the item status is In Process or Error then the status is not reset.


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