Monday, December 31, 2018

Locate Customers that are near each other

1. Create a customer search
   1.1. Navigate Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New > Customer
   1.2. Public = T
   1.3. Criteria > Standard:
        i. Formula (Text) > Field = select Billing Zip (this will put {billzipcode} in the Formula box) > Formula (Text) = starts with = 902 (or any 3- digit alpha numeric code)
        ii. Enter any other desired criteria below the formula
   1.4. Results > Sort By = Billing Zip
        i. Add Billing Zip
        ii. Add any other field that you would want in the results
   1.5. Available Filters
        i. Formula (Text) > Show in Footer = Yes > Custom Label = label it
        ii. Add any other filter, like Sales Rep for example > Show in Footer = Yes
   1.6. Please give search a Title
   1.7. Click Save & Run
   1.8. Enter any 3 alpha-numeric code in the Formula (Text) footer filter
   1.9. When you get the results, copy the entire URL of the page and paste it in a notepad

2. Create a customer entity field
   2.1. Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Entity Fields > New
   2.2. Label = label the custom field
   2.3. Type = Hyperlink
   2.4. Store Value = F
   2.5. Applies To > Customer = T
   2.6. Display > Subtab = Main > Display Type = Inline Text > Link Text = Lookup  (name as desired)
   2.7. Validation & Defaulting > Default Value:
        i. In the notepad where you stored URL from Step 1.9, copy the part of the URL before the 3 digits you entered for the zip code.
        ii. Enter a single quote in the Default Value box, paste the partial URL and close it off with another single quote
        iii. Immediately after the last single quote, enter || SUBSTR({billzip}, 0, 3) ||
        iv. Enter a single quote and paste the remaining part of the URL then close it off with another single quote
   2.8. Formula = T
   2.9. Save
3. View a customer record and run the saved search
   3.1. You should now see a "Within the Vicinity" field with a "Lookup" link
   3.2. You will see the list of customers close to or within that customer's "zip vicinity"
   3.3. Click the Export - CSV button at the bottom
   3.4. Open the file
   3.5. Remove the Internal ID column if you have this
   3.6. Copy the records you like to have mapped - For Step 4 option

4. Create a map for the customers
   4.1. Go to
   4.2. In the "Copy and then paste your location data below" box, paste the records you want to map
   4.3. Click Validate & Set Options button
   4.4. Region = make sure to select the region location of the customers (For example Canada or United States)
   4.5. Click Map Now

The map locator will be useful for "on the field" sales persons.

Note: is not related to NetSuite.

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