Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Missing client and user event scripts from bundle installation

An Administrator installs a bundle that contains user event and client scripts. However, none is appearing on the Scripts page when the user goes to Setup > Customization > Scripts. Thus, the user might not able to edit the deployment if they wish to. On the other hand, the scripts are saved on the File Cabinet if the user goes to Documents > Files > File Cabinet > SuiteBundles > (Bundle ID).

When a bundle contains scripts but the Administrator could not view them on the Scripts page, it is possible that the needed features are not enabled on the account. To resolve this, the SuiteScript features must be enabled.

1. Go to Setup > Company > Enabled Features.
2. Click the SuiteCloud tab.
3. Put a mark on Client SuiteScript.
4. Put a mark on Server SuiteScript.
5. Click Save.

If the Administrator goes to Setup > Customization > Scripts, the user event and client scripts are displayed.

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