Thursday, December 6, 2018

Permission Violation When Forwarding A Message From a Customer Record


  • User A's Role has Full Access Levelto both Customer and Track Messages permissions
  • There is no restriction set to the user's role
  • When the user views a Customer record and tries to forward an Email under Communication tab, the error below appears upon clicking Merge & Send:

Exceptionduring message creation.
        com.netledger.common.exceptions.NLUserError:Permission Violation: you may not access this record


The Email User A tries toforward must have originated from a Transaction record. For example, anotheruser can enter a Sales Order for Customer XYZ and Email a copy of the order tothe Customer after saving the Transaction. Although User A has Permission toview that particular Email, he is not be able to forward it.

Since User A does not have thenecessary Permission for the Transaction where the Email originated from, heis not able to forward messages that originated from Transactions. He,however, can send or forward Emails that originated from Customer records.

To allowUser A to forward emails from transaction:

1. As Administrator navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles.

2. Editthe custom role.

3. Underthe Permissions tab > Transactions subtab, add thenecessary Permissions and set the Access Level for each as needed.

4. Click Save.

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