Sunday, December 23, 2018

PHP Toolkit 2012.2: Sample Code to Perform Search that Uses a Custom Field as Filter

Below is a sample code on how to perform a search using a custom field as criteria using the PHP Toolkit 2012.2.
Given a custom Free-Form Text Type field with field ID "custentity10"

require_once '../NSPHPClient/NetSuiteService.php';

$service = new NetSuiteService();

$service->setSearchPreferences(false, 20);

$custSearchField = new SearchStringCustomField();
$custSearchField->internalId = "custentity10";
$custSearchField->operator = "startsWith";
$custSearchField->searchValue = "f";

$search = new EmployeeSearchBasic();
$search->customFieldList->customField = $custSearchField;

$request = new SearchRequest();
$request->searchRecord = $search;

$searchResponse = $service->search($request);

if (!$searchResponse->searchResult->status->isSuccess) {
} else {
echo "SEARCH SUCCESS, records found: " . $searchResponse->searchResult->totalRecords;

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