Saturday, December 29, 2018

Place a Default Value on a Custom Field and be able to Display the Field Value on Print-Outs

The two requirements are not currently possible using custom fields mainly because of the Store Value field behavior

1. For the default value to work, the Store Value field needs to be disabled.

2. For the custom field to be available in print-outs, the Store Value field needs to be enabled.

A solution would be to:

1. Remove the default value set on the custom field and enable Store Value:

   1.1. Edit the custom field.

   1.2. Validation and Defaulting > clear any entry.

   1.3. Sourcing and Filtering > clear any entry.

   1.4. Store Value = T.

   1.5. Save.

Note:  More suitable is to create a new custom field just for this purpose instead of modifying an existing custom field.   

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