Friday, December 14, 2018

Providing access to the Demand Planning Reports to custom roles and making these reports available in dropdown menus of Reports tab.

1. Edit the Custom Role by navigating to Setup > Users & Roles > Manage Roles.


2. Click Edit next to custom role. Navigate to Permissions > Reports > Permission column field.

3. Add Inventory.

4. View Level is OK.

Demand Planning Reports, such as the Demand History by Item, Item Demand Plan by Item and Item Demand Forecast vs Actual Reports will now be available in Reports Dashboard and in Global Search fields using the Custom Role.

Demand Planning Reports, however, will not be available in dropdown menus of Reports tab if Use Classic Interface checkbox is disabled. To address this, navigate to Home > Set Preferences > Appearance > Centers & Dashboards portlet and put a check mark on Use Classic Interface checkbox. Hit Save.

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