Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Remove Credit Card fields when the only payment option is PayPal

Several businesses use PayPal as the only method of paying the service/product that they offer.

In NetSuite's payment page, the credit card information fields will be grayed out. This work around aims to remove the fields since they are no longer needed and confuses several shoppers.

To remove the fields, kindly follow these steps.

I Create the Custom tag that will be used:
1. Navigate to Set up> Site Builder > Tags
2. Set the following:
Leave the Description and Default value Blank.

3. Save

II Assign the tags to the theme
1. Navigate to Set up > Site Builder > Themes and edit the theme that your website is using
2. Select the body tab and look for the Footer template field and add the code below

3 Save the Theme.

III Substitute Values to the Tags
1. Navigate to List > Website> Tabs and edit the Checkout tab
2. Select the tag Substitution Subtab and assign the following:

Tag Column: Select < REMOVECCFIELDS >
Substitution value:

Note: You also need to make sure that the "Save Credit card information" Checkbox is unchecked by looking at its setting at Set Up > Site Builder > Set Up Website > Shopping Tab.


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