Thursday, December 6, 2018

Reopen a Closed Sales Order via CSV Import Update

Step 1: Create a Saved Search and Export it to CSV

1. Navigate to Reports> Saved Searches> All Saved Searches> New

2. Select Transaction as search type

3. Assign a name on the Search Title field

4. On the Criteria tab> Standard subtab> Filter column, add the following:

a. Type is any of Sales Order

b. Main Line is false (No)

c. Shipping Line is false (No)

d. Tax Line is false (No)

e. Closed is true (Yes)

f. Internal ID (Number) is [type in the internal id of the sales order]

Note: add this filter if you are updating specific sales order(s). If you are updating all closed sales order then you may remove this last filter.

5. On the Results tab> Columns subtab> add the following:

a. Internal ID

b. Line ID

c. Closed

6. Save & Run

7. Export – CSV and save to computer e.g. save to desktop

8. Open the saved CSV file and change 'Yes' to 'No' on the Closed column

9. Save the change made


Step 2: Import CSV to update the Closed column from T to F

1. Navigate to Setup> Import/Export> Import CSV Records

2. Set Import Type=Transactions

3. Set Record Type=Sales Order

4. Set Character Encoding=Western(Windows 1252) or applicable

5. Set CSV Files to One file to upload

6. Click on Select and locate the saved CSV file

7. Click Next

8. Set Data Handling to Update

9. Click on Next

10. Map the following fields:

a. Internal ID - will be automatically mapped with Internal ID

b. Line ID – map this with Line Id found under the Sales Order Items folder in the NetSuite Fields

c. Closed – map this with Closed found under the Sales Order Items folder in the NetSuite Fields

11. Click on Next

12. Type in the Import Map Name

13. Save & Run






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