Thursday, December 27, 2018

Restrict Reversal Date on Journal Entry to equal to or greater than the Transaction Date entered.

To restrict users from backdating Reversal Dates on Journal Entires, we can create a Workflow that throws a message that this is not allowed.

1. Create a Workflow to change values
- Setup > Customization > Workflow> New.
- Provide a Name "Journal Entry Reversal Date"
- Set Record Type = Transaction
- Set Sub Types = Journal Entry
- Set Execute as Admin = T
- Set Release Status = Released/Testing

* Under Initiation
a. On Create = T
b. On Update = T
c. Trigger Type = Before Record Submit
d. Event Type = Create and Edit
- Click on Save

2. Create State
- Click on the New State button
- Provide Name "Error Message"
- Hit Save

3. Create Action
- Click on the State created
- Click on New Action button
- Click on "Return User Error"
- Set Trigger On = Before Record Submit.
- Set Event Type = Create and Edit

* On the Condition section:
- Select Custom Formula.
- Add Formula = {reversaldate}<{trandate}

* On the Parameters section:
- Set Text:
"Reversal Date should be the same or after Journal Entry Date."
- Click Save.

Note: This is an alterante solution for Enhancement #229349 - Transactions > Financial > Make Journal Entry : Ability to restrict Reversal Date equal or greater than the Transaction Date.



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