Sunday, December 2, 2018

Sales Order Saved Search result for Amount (Alt Sales) is Different from the Actual Sales Order

1.  Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New > select Transaction

2. Under Criteria tab > Standard sub tab > select Type : is Sales Order

3. Under Results tab > Add the following fields:


Amount (Alt. Sales)

4. Hit Save & Run or Preview

5. The Amount (Alt. Sales) column is different from Alt Sales amount in transaction

6.  To explain the difference, the value on the sales order is in the local currency.The value on the saved search result is in USD converted from the local currency using the "average" exchange rate for the current accounting period. This is why altsalestotal on sales order is displaying different value in saved searches.

7. To make the search results equivalent to the Alt Sales amount in the Sales Order > edit the Transaction Saved Search > Results tab > Consolidated Exchange Rate > set to None.

8. Run the report again, the Amount (Alt Sales) column is now equal to the Alt Sales. amount in the Sales Order #123.

Note: The Consolidated Exchange Rate allows us to select the type of exchange rate applied to results for each transaction search, to apply the right exchange rate for each search context and to maintain consistency between consolidated report data, transaction search results, and any custom KPIs and KPI scorecards based on transaction saved searches.

Currently, this option defaults to Per-Account where it uses the general rate type selected for each transaction's account, either average, current, or historical. When this option is selected, different rate types may be used within each set of search results.





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