Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Sample query to pull balance sheet through ODBC

Sample Query to Execute in Reporting Tool:

select  acct.type_name as Type, as Name, sum(post.amount) as Amount
from accounts acct inner join posting_account_activity post
on acct.account_id = post.account_id
where acct.is_balancesheet='T'  and post.amount <> '0'
and post.accounting_period_id between  1 and 26
or post.accounting_period_id between 36 and 51
group by acct.is_leftside, acct.type_name,
order by acct.is_leftside desc



  1. hi,
    in netsuite2 datasourse is there a table similar to posting_account_activity post? where you can obtain all of that info?