Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Set Default a 3rd Party Billing Type in the Item Fulfillment transaction

Currently, there is no preference to set a default type in field called "3rd Party Billing Type" that is found in the Carriers tab of an Item Fulfillment record.

When using a third party billing for UPS or FedEx accounts when charging the shipping cost, NetSuite defaults to a certain 3rd Party Billing Type which depends on where the third party billing account number is entered.

If you have enabled 3rd Party Billing for Shipping (Setup Accounting Shipping Preferences tab > Third Party Billing = T), the 3rd Party Billing Type would follow this hierarchy: 

1. Customer's Record (Financial tab > Balance Information Section: 3rd Party Billing Account Number)

- It considers the customer record entry first. If there is an account number entered, upon fulfillment of a sales order, NetSuite defaults to "Bill Recipient" for FedEx shipments or "Consignee Billing" for UPS shipments. 

2. Company Record (Setup Company Company Information > either or both for UPS and FedEx 3rd Party Billing Account Number)

- If there is no account number found in the customer record, then, NetSuite uses the company account number. Upon fulfillment of a sales order, NetSuite defaults to "Bill Third Party" for FedEx shipments or "Third Party Billing" for UPS shipments. 

3. If the two above information is not met, upon fulfillment of a sales order, NetSuite defaults to "None Selected" for either FedEx or UPS.

Note: There is an enhancement request filed to be able to set a default 3rd Party Billing Type on Item Fulfillment. This is logged under:

  • Enhancement #161294 - 'Default 3rd party billing type field = Bill third party when Third Party Fedex Account number is setup in the company information'

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