Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Show Residential Address Check box in the Shipping Tab of Sale Order Form

The alternate solution is only to determine whether the Ship To address is a Residential or non-Residential address.


1.      Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields Transaction Body Fields > New.

2.      Provide the Label.

3.      Set Type to Free-Form Text.

4.      Unmark the Store Value checkbox.

5.      Select Sale under Applies To tab.

6.      Select Shipping under Display > Subtab field.

7.      On Validation & Defaulting > enable the Formula checkbox.

8.      Then enter the formula "{entity.isshipaddress}" on Default Value box.

9.      Click Save & Apply to Forms.

10.  Navigate to Customization > FormsTransaction Forms > edit custom sales order form.

11.  On Screen Fields > Shipping > set the Field Group for the newly created transaction body field to Shipping Address.

12.  Click Save.


Note: The custom field will show T or F after saving the transaction.

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