Sunday, December 9, 2018

Show/Display the Awaiting Support Reply Feld in Case Form

The Awaiting Support Reply field indicates whether Support owns the next step to respond or not. This field is set to Yes whenever the customer is the last one who has updated the Case either by email or via Customer Center. This field is hard-coded and is not scriptable, thus, users cannot mark this field to show/display in the Case form. Users can only use it as a search filter/column.


In order for cases to Show Awaiting Support Reply:

1. Navigate to Setup > Support > Case Statuses.
Click Edit next to the Case Status that users want to allow awaiting support reply.
3. Check the box for Show Awaiting Support Reply = T.
4. Hit Save.

Cases marked as Awaiting Support Reply now appear on saved searches and reports to track the cases which reps need to respond to.

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