Saturday, December 8, 2018

Subsidiary Hierarchy Modification = True > Set new root subsidiary (subsidiary record > set subsubsidiary of = null) > an unexpected error has occurred


·        Subsidiary Hierarchy Modification featurehas been enabled in the account

·        Navigate to Setup > Company > Subsidiaries

·        Edit an existing subsidiary record

·        Set SubsubsidiaryOf field value to null

·        Hit theSave button

·        Message:

·        An unexpected error has occurred



·        Setting the SubsubsidiaryOf field value to null means that the user would like for the subsidiaryrecord to be set as the Root Subsidiaryin the system.

·        User must enter a value for the Return Email Address field on subsidiaryrecord prior to saving the root subsidiary record before or after setting the Subsubsidiary of field value to null.

·        Return Email Address field may not be a mandatoryfield but for the Root Subsidiary thisis used as the company's return email address in transaction records (From Address for Emailed Forms field sentwith NetSuite)

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