Thursday, December 20, 2018

System Notes and Script Execution Logs with Respect to Account Storage Space

This applies to production accounts:

The storage information of a user's account can be found in the NetSuite Account Center.

Logs and system notes do consume physical disk space, but NetSuite does not count the space occupied by logs and system notes as part of the "data usage" that is referenced by our service pricing. Customization can become a very large source of data usage when the cross references to custom elements expand the size of any particular record. Think of an item record that is linked to a custom field or custom record and then how many times that item record might be referenced by a PO, SO, RA, CM or invoice. If more information is needed about the break down, please contact your Account Manager.

The Storage Info tab is updated every first week of the following month. For example, the data showing as of February 1 is the storage information of the customer for the month of January.

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