Monday, December 17, 2018

Task Search that Searches Text String within the Task Message

User has a task search. User wants to search text of strings within the task message and filter the result base on the keyword entered. The Message field is not available to be selected under the Criteria tab or Results tab. 

To accomplish this, perform the following steps:


            1. Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New.           

            2. Select Task.           

            3. Provide Title.           

            4. In the Criteria tab > Standard subtab, add Formula (Text).           

            5. In the Task Search popup page, set the following:           

                        Formula: {message}

                        Formula (Text): contains

                        Text: A


            6. Click Set.  

            7. In the Results tab > Columns subtab, add Formula (Text).           

            8. In the Formula column enter {message} .           

            9. Set Custom Label to Message.           

            10. Click the Available Filters tab.           

            11. Add Formula (Text), check Show in Footer and set Label to Message.           

            12. Click Preview or Save & Run.           

Change default text displayed at the Message footer then press tab to filter result.

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