Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Unexpected Error when Refunding a PayPal Transaction: PayPal Post Data (Express Checkout) - RefundTransaction, Failure

1. Log in to PayPal account > under My Account tab > Profile sub tab > My business info section > email address noted should be the same as what is entered under Setup > Accounting > PayPal Processing > Primary PayPal Email Address field.

2. Under My Account tab > Profile sub tab > My setting tools section > API Access row > click Update.

3. On Setting up API permissions and credentials section > Option 1 column > click Add or edit API permissions link.

4. On Manage Third Party Access section > Third Party Username > click Edit Third Party button

5. On Edit Third Party Permissions section > Granted Permissions > below boxes should be checked:
  • Use Express Checkout to process payments
  • Authorize and capture your PayPal transactions
  • Generate consolidated reports for all accounts
6. Under Available Permissions > check Issue a refund for a specific transaction > Save

7. Reprocess the refund and it should now work.

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