Friday, December 14, 2018

Update A Previously Imported Customer Address through CSV Import


The following are the steps to update a previously imported Customer Address using CSV import:


1. Navigate to Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New > Customer

2. Enter a Search Title

3. Check to mark Public = T, Available as List View = T, if need be

4. Under Criteria > Standard subtab, add the following:


Status is Lead

Stage is Lead

Date Created is within the time frame when the leads were imported


5. Under Results > Columns subtab, make sure to add these:




Address Internal ID

Address 1

Address 2

Address 3 (can be omitted if not needed)



Zip Code


Default Billing Address

Default Shipping Address


6. In the Available Filters tab, add:


Default Billing Address; Show in Footer = Yes

Default Shipping Address; Show in Footer = Yes


7. Click Preview if you want to see how the search result would look like; otherwise, click Save & Run

8. When the search result is generated, at the bottom of the page, set both the Default Billing Address and Default Shipping Address to No.

9. Click Export - CSV and save the CSV file that you will be using for the CSV import to update the addresses of the leads.


Additionally before you proceed with the CSV Import, please make sure to modify the CSV file so that the value of the Default Billing Address and Default Shipping Address fields is Yes.


When you process the CSV Import, the Data Handling = Update and the mapping should have the following fields:


Internal ID <=> Internal ID

Address Internal ID <=> Address 1 : ID

Default Billing Address <=> Address 1 : Default Billing

Default Shipping Address <=> Address 1 : Default Shipping

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