Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Use Summary Type on Custom Rich Text and Long Text Fields in Saved Searches

As an alternate solution, perform the following steps:


In this example, a Long Text Type field called Category was created and applied to Customer records.


User would like to create a Customer saved search that would lists all customers grouped by Category.

  1. Get the ID of the Custom Field. For example, if the custom field is an Entity Field, navigate to Customization > Lists, Records & Fields > Entity Fields.
  2. Look for the custom field and copy the ID.
  3. Navigate to Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New.
  4. Click Customer.
  5. On the Results tab, add the following:

Formula(Text) ; Formula = {replace this with the ID of the custom field}


          ** Remove unnecessary columns
          * Add the columns you wanted to see

  1. Set the Summary Type of the Formula(Text) to Group
  2. Click Save & Run

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