Sunday, January 27, 2019

Add New Activity (Phone Call, Event, Task) on a Custom Record generates an error: Notice: That record does not exist

User creates a custom CRM field to allow the user to create Activity from a Custom Record.
Type = List/Record
List/Record = Custom Record
Applies to = Phone Call, Task, and Event. 

When clicking on the New Activity button to select an activity to create, the user receives an error: That record does not exist.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

1. Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > CRM Fields > New
2. Enter a Field Label.
3. Set the Type = List/Record.
4. Select the List/Record name.
5. Mark the Store Value box.
6. Mark the Record is Parent box.
7. Under Applies To tab, check the Task, Phone Call, and Event boxes.
8. Under Display tab, set the Subtab = Main.
9. Click Save.
View any Custom Record entry > under Custom subtab, click New Activity button and select any type.

Actual Results: User will receive a message - Notice : That record does not exist.

Expected Results: Be able to create the Activity from the Custom Record.

To resolve the problem, perform the following steps:
A. Create an Activity tab on the Custom Record:

1. Navigate to CustomizationLists, Records, & Fields > Record Types.
2. Select the Custom Record name.
3. Under Subtabs, enter a Title.
4. Click Save.

B. Create three (3) CRM Fields.  One field per Activity type:

1. Navigate to CustomizationLists, Records, & Fields > CRM Fields > New.
2. Enter Label name.
3. Set the Type = List/Record

4. Set the List/Record = Custom Record name.

5. Mark the Store Value box.

6. Mark the Record is Parent box.

7. Under Applies To tab, check the Task box.

8. Under the Display tab, set the Subtab = Main | Parent Subtab = select the Activity subtab created in Step A.

9. Click Save.


C. View any custom record entry, under the Activities tab created in Step#A, three subtabs will appear for each Activity type = Task, Phone Call and Event.

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