Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Change the 'From Email address' when Sending out Customer Statements


1. Navigate to Setup > Company > Email Preferences

2. Under Transactions section >  set FROM ADDRESS FOR EMAILED FORMS to either:

a. User Email Address
b. Company Return Email Address

3. Click Save

To Setup the Email Address for the following:

a. User Email Address:

Navigate to Home Set Preferences General tab > User Profile section >  From Email Address = add email address here > Save.  

Note: This setting is user specific only.

If no email address is entered in Home> Set Preferences> General tab> User Profile sectionFrom Email Address field, emails will be sent using the user's login email address.

b. Company Return Email Address

Navigate to SetupCompany Company Information Return Email Address change it to the should be email address > Save.

Note: Changing this affects the whole company From Email Address.


  1. Can you have different Email Addresses as opposed to just one for the whole company?

  2. hi Simon, I have the same question.

    My Sales team would like theirs to send from sales@***.com however the Accounts team would like statements to send from accounts@***.com

    Did you have any joy finding a workaround or solution?

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  4. I'm also keen on hearing the answer to this. Did either of you find out? thanks!

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