Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Close Vendor Return Authorizations via CSV Import

Vendor Return Authorizations can be closed on a bulk basis by performing a CSV Import.


1.    Create a saved search to be used in the import.


a.     Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New.

b.    Select Transaction.

c.     In the Criteria tab > Standard subtab, add the following:

                                                              1.      Type is Vendor Return Authorization

                                                              2.      Main Line is false

                                                              3.      Closed is false

                                                              4.      Add other necessary fields

d.    In the Results tab, add the following:

                                                              1.      Internal ID

                                                              2.      Item

                                                              3.      Line ID

                                                              4.      Amount

                                                              5.      Closed

e.    Click Preview or Save & Run.

f.      Click Export – CSV.

g.    Save the CSV file.


2.    Edit the CSV file. Under the Closed column, set the value to Yes to the lines that need to be closed.


3.    Perform the import.


a.     Navigate to Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV Records.

b.    Select Transactions in the Import Type field.

c.     Select Vendor Return Authorization in the Record Type field.

d.    Click Select.

e.    Browse the CSV file and click Open.

f.      Click Next.

g.    Select Update in the Data Handling.

h.    Click Next.

i.      In the Field Mapping, set the following:



j.      Click Next.

k.     Enter an Import Map Name.

l.      Click Save & Run.

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