Sunday, January 27, 2019

Convert Quote to Sales Order > Generates Error Invalid Taxitem Reference Key for XX

Various reasons may cause the error Invalid Taxitem Reference Key for XX.

Users need to check on the settings below.

1. Tax Code/Tax Group with Internal ID is set to Inactive=T

To see the Internal IDs of records, navigate to Home>Set Preferences>General>Show Internal IDs=T

Navigate to Setup>Accounting>Tax Codes.

Mark the Show Inactives box.

Find Tax Code with Internal ID XX.

Take note of the Tax Control Accounts as when these are set to Inactive, the Tax Code may not appear on your other NetSuite Records. Please navigate to Setup>Accounting>Tax Control Accounts and mark the Show Inactives box.

2. Tax Code/Tax Group is not available to the nexus of the Customer selected on the Quote or Sales Order

The Shipping Address of the Customer determines the applicable Nexus to be used on the transaction.

3. Tax Code/Tax Group is not available to the Subsidiary.

This solution also applies when a Shopper encounters the error after adding an Item to the Shopping Cart.

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