Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Create Bin Transfer record via SuiteScript

This article includes a sample script for creating Bin Transfers via SuiteScript. Code: (Suitelet)

function createBinTransfer(request, response)
 var rec = nlapiCreateRecord('bintransfer');
 rec.setFieldValue('location', 3); // US
 rec.setFieldValue('memo', 'test');
 // add the items to be transferred between bins
 rec.setCurrentLineItemValue('inventory', 'item', 40); // item
 rec.setCurrentLineItemValue('inventory', 'quantity', 5); // qty
 rec.setCurrentLineItemValue('inventory', 'frombins', 'US_BinA'); // from bins
 rec.setCurrentLineItemValue('inventory', 'tobins', 'US_BinB'); // to bins
 recId = nlapiSubmitRecord(rec);


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